Endorsed by the Daily Herald

Vote Tues. April 2nd
Suzanne M. Fitch
Wheaton City Council

Endorsed by Mayor Mike Gresk, Councilman John Rutledge and former Councilwoman Liz Corry

About Me

Taxpayer Advocate


Through long term financial planning and prioritization of discretionary projects, the City can meet the needs of its residents without raising property taxes.  Suzanne has consistently voted NO to increasing the property tax levy.  She also voted NO to increasing the storm sewer rate and flat fee on the City's water bills.

Open & Transparent Government


Suzanne has worked to make the City more accountable by insisting on better communication with the residents about the costs of discretionary capital projects.  She has also advocated for the need to follow the spirit, and not just the letter, of the Open Meetings Act.  Suzanne regularly attends the monthly Coffee with Council meetings with residents on Saturday mornings.   

Environmental Stewardship


Suzanne supports policies that protect our environment including renewable energy, planting of trees, and energy efficiency opportunities.  Suzanne initiated the inclusion of recycling receptacles in our downtown streetscape plan and supports the efforts of the City's Environmental Improvement Commission.